Saç Ekimi

Hair loss is one of the biggest aesthetic, and also psychological, problems that people face nowadays. Aesthetic concerns are an important factor in self-confidence in daily life. Today, modern hair transplant methods are quite effective in combating low self-esteem.

Natural hair follicles used in bald areas give our patients an aesthetic appearance full of hair, which results in radical positive developments in psychological processes. The general causes of hair loss can occur due to genetic factors, illness, age development, trauma, and so on. Many methods are used in many fields to solve the problem of hair loss. Hair transplant is the most permanent and effective method for hair loss.

Hair transplant treatment, in general terms, is the name given to the process of taking healthy hair from a donor area and transplanting it to the recipient area (usually hair that has fallen out or thinned). Hair transplant, also known as “small surgery”, is successfully applied all over the world and provides permanent results when performed by an experienced doctor and team. Hair transplant must be performed in a sterile operating theater environment by an expert and team.

Before starting hair transplant treatment, the donor area is examined first, the areas with very high density are analyzed, and special hair follicles are taken. The removal process is carried out in such a way that the removal area is largely preserved and there is no visible gap due to removal. The doctor who performs the treatment takes the healthy grafts obtained to the recipient area, taking into account the patient’s requests.

In our clinic, our expert doctors have developed FUE manual hair transplant technology to perform hair transplant using the manual punch & stick & place technique. This method, which requires great skill and expertise, is the most recognized hair transplant technique in the world.